Corru-Kraft’s onsite independent laboratory facility performs testing to TAPPI test Methods. The laboratory provides testing services that combines physical, analytical and interpretive data analysis, to help improve and ensure product quality utilizing the latest equipment.

Testing services can perform a wide variety of performance and compliance testing, such as these listed below:

  • ECT Test
  • Mullen Test
  • Cobb Testing
  • UN4G compliance testing to an existing certification
  • Basis Weight testing (liner components)
  • Compression Strength tests (ring crush, edge crush, flat crush)
  • Pin adhesion
  • Scott Bond Test as well as Z-Directional Tensile (ZDT)
  • For a more detailed list of services, please see the attached link.

The lab facility is equipped to both confirm product specifications and perform competitor analysis and product research. Corru-Kraft will support your efforts by performing reverse engineering on product components.